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Schemes and special offer terms and conditions

Full details of all our Special Offer Terms and Conditions are shown and are available from our on site Sales Executives. Offers must be discussed at the first point of contact with ourselves and detailed on any reservation paperwork. We reserve the right to withdraw these offers at any time without prior notification.

Copyright and trade marks

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Accuracy of information

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Online Prices

Please note that all the prices shown on our website are guide prices, which were correct at the time of being published but are subject to change without notice. Please contact the relevant Sales Executive at the development for accurate, up to date price information.

Floor plans

The dimensions shown on the floor plans of our homes are approximate and to the widest point of the room. We give dimensions that include fitted wardrobes, sloping ceilings, bay windows, and any other features.

Development layouts

The shown layouts are designed for marketing purposes only. They do not show final details of gradients of land, boundary treatments, local authority street lighting or landscaping. The Sales Executive can answer any questions you may have regarding development layouts.

Computer generated images and photographs

Computer generated images (CGI’s) are drawn from an imaginary viewpoint within an open space and are intended to give an impression of the house design. Photographs are from Homes by High Street developments and are intended to show typical property interiors and exteriors.

Neither the CGI’s nor the photographs are intended to give an accurate description of any specific property offered for sale, its setting or its surroundings.

Show homes and virtual tours

Furniture, soft furnishings and wall-coverings in our show homes are not provided as part of our standard specification. Optional extras may have been fitted to some of the show homes, which may be available for you to purchase for your home. For further details, please contact the relevant Sales Executive at the development.

Personal Data

We collect and store the information you give us when you register and when requesting brochures and further details about our homes. We request only the information we need to provide the information to you.